Warranties and Service Contracts

Warranties and Service Contracts

Make sure you understand the warranty on your vehicle

You should know what the warranty covers, and you should get it all in writing. However, all warranties may have some kind of limitations, such as deductibles, mileage, time, special procedures that may require the cost of a repair up front. M&J Truck will take the hassle out of understanding all your warranties and deductibles so we can help you with the repairs on your vehicle.

You do have rights, you can find out information on your warranty rights with the consumer protection agency, or you can get information from your state Attorney General.

Service Contracts

Most all dealerships sell additional warranties that come from the manufacturers.  Service contracts issued by independent companies are not all the same, prices may differ and may be negotiable.

To help decide whether to purchase a service contract, consider:

Is there a deductible.

The cost of repairs.

If the coverage overlaps any other warranty.

Any prior authorization needed for a specific repair.

If any repair costs are to be paid by the company directly to the repair shop.


Resolving any disputes regarding billing, repairs, or warranties.

Document everything, all transactions, expenses, dates and anyone you’ve dealt with.

Talk with the owner or shop manager first. Our most important goal at M&J Truck is to achieve total satisfaction for our customers in Madison, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas. Call us at  608-221-0526