Airbag Technology for saving lives

Airbag Technology for saving lives

Airbags are significantly contributing to the ongoing decrease in car crash fatality rates. Frontal airbags became required in 1999 and side bags are now standard in over 90% of vehicles. Side air bags were created to increase protection from side impact crashes. Most new cars are equipped with an abundance of airbags, such as frontal, side torso, side curtain, and even rear-passenger airbags.

Engineers are working on even newer types of airbags for added protection. These include:

  • Knee Airbags: Small knee airbags are fitted in the foot well, beneath the steering wheel and under the glove compartment to reduce damage to lower limbs.
  • Front Center Airbag:  This airbag inflates from the driver’s right side near the center of the seat. This new model was pioneered to offer adequate restraint during passenger side crashes when the driver is alone, and absorbs energy between the passenger and driver in in collisions on either side. The airbag was also created to decrease rollover injuries.
  • Inflatable Seatbelts: Ford developed inflatable rear seatbelts in 2011.  Ford contends that its inflatable seatbelts to aid in diminishing chest, neck and head injuries of rear passengers who are more vulnerable to these types of injuries.

If an airbag light goes on in your vehicle, be sure to get it checked out at M&J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison, WI. You want to be certain you airbags will work when you need them.

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