What To Know When Dealing With An Auto Technician

What To Know When Dealing With An Auto Technician

The average age of vehicles on the road today are about 10 years old.

Consumers are choosing to keep their existing cars and trucks longer rather than buying a new model. Consumer Reports also revealed a survey that many drivers are postponing needed maintenance or repairs as a cost-saving measure.

Delaying maintenance or needed repairs can compromise your car’s integrity and ultimately your safety. The car-care experts at M&J Truck & Auto in Madison, Wi, and the surrounding areas believe the best way for consumers to save money and keep their vehicles longer is choosing a full-service, high-quality and well-respected repair shop, schedule regular check-ups, and trusting them to do the necessary maintenance and repair work. This will prevent your vehicle from breaking down unexpectedly, and in the long run, saves the consumer money having  small repairs done when needed rather than waiting and having a big repair later.

How to deal with your technician is important.

  1.  It’s just the beginning when you finally make the decision to bring your vehicle in for service. You will also need to know how to get the best service for your maintenance and repair dollar. And you’ll need to know how to deal with your technician so that your experience there will be a good one. 
  2. Set realistic expectations. When it comes time to repair your auto, price, quick, and good are terms that are usually thought of together when you talk with your technician at M&J Truck and Auto, he will give you a quote on the cost which should include the cost for parts and labor. Plan on leaving your vehicle at the repair shop for a good part of a day, maybe longer, to get the necessary service done. Even if it is a quick repair, you should realize there may be other vehicles ahead of yours, the technician should let you know that ahead of time so you can arrange for transportation if needed.
  3. Clean up your car before taking it in for service, be sure to clear the back seat and the trunk of things like golf clubs, strollers, and equipment. Not only is it common courtesy, it could affect the quality of your auto repair. The technician may need to remove the items to gain access or perform a repair in that area, or the items could weigh down the vehicle to the point that it may affect the performance.
  4. Make sure to be available. Always leave your phone number with the technician in case he needs to reach you. If your technician is unable to reach you for your approval on a repair, your car will sit until you can be reached. You will also want to know when your vehicle is ready and how much the cost will be before heading back to the repair shop
  5.  Leave your technician alone. Just about every survey conducted on auto technicians disliked          customers hovering over them while they are working on your auto. While it’s appropriate to        explain the problem to your technician, it’s distracting to them and can be dangerous. If you          want to hang around for a diagnosis or that quick repair, a waiting room is provided, relax and      let the professional do their job.
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