Semi Fun Facts

Semi Truck Fun Facts

The source of the word “semi” essentially comes from the trailer. No front wheels are present on trailers and can only travel when connected to the tractor. This generated the phrase “semi trailer”. Most people observe a tractor and trailer connecting to each other on the highway and perceive the entire set-up as semi truck, and that phrase took off.

Most semi-truck fleets are smaller operations

According to Popular Mechanics magazine there are estimated 1.9 million semi trucks in operation in the US. Approximately 30% of these are registered in Florida, Texas and California. Yet, 90% of all trucking enterprises have fewer than 6 trucks.

Since we frequently see large image brands on the trailer, we presume most semis on the road are owned and operated by big corporations. Surprisingly, though, that’s not the case. Cargo is handled throughout the United States by mostly by small businesses.

Impressive pulling capacity

The average 18-wheel maximum pulling capacity in the US is 80,000 pounds. A large number of large could even pull more, but other road conditions and making tighter turns is not as safe.
In countries with vast areas of flat land, such as in Australia, trucks can form “road trains” by connecting sets of four tractors and following each other in a cargo line the length of a train. Each tractor in a road train can move in excess of 300,000 pounds!

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