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We start to notice changes in the weather and the environment as the winter season ends and spring arrives. The weather begins to warm up, flowers start to blossom, and trees start to put out new leaves. You should be aware that the change in the season can also have an impact on your car and cause certain typical issues. Since 1982, MJ Truck, a reputable provider of auto maintenance and repair services, has created a list of the most typical springtime automotive issues that you should be aware of.


Tire pressure issues:

  1. The cold weather throughout the winter causes the air in your tires to compress, which can result in a drop in tire pressure. Tire pressure may rise above the acceptable amount as a result of the air inside the tires expanding as the temperature rises. As a result, there may be problems with overall performance, uneven tire wear, and decreased fuel efficiency. During the spring season, it’s crucial to routinely check your tire pressure to make sure it is at the proper level.


Battery problems:

  1. The winter months can be hard on your car’s battery since the extreme cold speeds up the rate at which it loses charge. Your battery might not be fully charged when springtime approaches, especially if it’s an older battery. To be sure that your battery is in good shape and can withstand the demands of the spring season, it is a good idea to get it examined by a specialist at MJ Truck.


Suspension issues:

  1. Your car’s suspension system may be harmed by potholes and uneven road conditions, which could result in problems including misaligned wheels, uneven tire wear, and a harsh ride. Rainy weather in the spring can make it more challenging to spot and avoid potholes. These problems can be avoided with routine suspension system maintenance and inspection.


Air conditioning problems:

  1. You’ll probably want to use the air conditioning system in your car when the temperature rises to keep you cool and comfortable. On the other hand, if your air conditioner was left unused over the winter, it might not work effectively when you need it. Low refrigerant levels, clogged filters, and system leaks are common problems. To make sure everything is operating correctly, have an expert from MJ Truck test and maintain your air conditioning system.


Fluid leaks:

  1. The winter months can be hard on the engine of your car since the chilly air makes fluids thicken and puts additional stress on the engine. Check for any fluid leaks, such as coolant or oil leaks, which, if ignored, might cause major engine damage as springtime approaches and temperatures rise. These problems can be avoided with routine maintenance and fluid level checks on your car.


As the seasons change and springtime arrives, it’s important to be aware of the common car problems that can occur. Regular maintenance and inspection of your vehicle can help prevent these issues from occurring and keep your vehicle running smoothly. If you’re experiencing any of these problems or need maintenance or repair services, contact us at 608-221-0526 or visit us online at mjtruck.com to schedule an appointment.